Thursday, September 19, 2013

*whew* It's been a while

Blogging should not be a career aspiration for me :)

I'm no good at keep up or checking in or updating.  I haven't been on here since July.  As I reopened this dusty site of mine, I learned two things: 1. I have two followers! Thank you, you two! and 2. I've had 821 page views, which seems really high for the amount of times I've posted so I have to say another thank you to all 821 views!  That's awesome.

Good news on the writing front.  I've completed my next novel, "Hush", and it's already going through the editing cycle twice.  One more wash and it should be squeaky clean, ready for the digital bookshelves.  Now all I've got to do is figure out some cover art...hmm...

"Hush" is another fiction thriller about a younger, successful woman who falls for an older, even more successful man (think "50 Shades" minus the stalker undertone and the nightmarish fetishes). The two seem great together, their lives are running smoothly until the woman finds out a garish secret about her new beau, one that changes everything.

The story flip flops from the day they met, seven year prior, to the day she finds out his secret, in the present, and both ends of the story move in sequence from there.  I like this new way of presenting the story because it keeps the action moving and it really keeps the reader guessing, as clues to the man's secret are scattered throughout the book, but his indiscretions are not revealed until later.  The reader also gets to see both the amazing side of the man that could make you swoon, as well as the darker, more sinister side of him.  It's all really quite exciting.

"Hush" is only book one of a two part series.  "Set Fire" is the sequel that is currently still being written.  Luckily, I was able to squeeze out a little tease-nugget, as I like to call it, and add a blurb from "Set Fire" to the end of "Hush", just to keep my readers salivating for more!

Also, BookRix, the site I publish my stories through, has offered to enter me and "Evol" into a pretty prestigious contest.  It's got a pretty hefty entry fee, but the rewards are great and I can't wait to see how my baby does.  The contest deadline for entry isn't until October 1st and winners aren't announced until the end of December so I still have a lot of waiting to do, but just being chosen to represent BookRix is enough of a win for me.

Other than that, school is keeping me very busy and my 4-year-old son is keeping me even busier. I am now a stay-at-home mom and full time student which leaves me little time to let the voices in my head guide my fingers over the keyboard.

And that's the way it was.
Thanks again for following me or reading these silly blogs.  I'm so appreciative!

- Jess


  1. When can we have 'Set Fire'? Eager to read the sequel of 'Hush'.

  2. When are you releasing 'Set Fire'? Please don't keep us hanging.